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The K1 Experience Podcast

Sep 9, 2017

Today's special guest on the K1 Experience Podcast, professional recording artist, Lucy Rodriguez, addressed some very serious situations going on right now. One being President Trump's recent decision to rescind certain protections for immigrants that were brought to the U.S. as children and are now being faced with the reality of deportation from the only country they have ever known as "home".

"Being Hispanic and in a situation where I'm the daughter of immigrants, it cuts deep." - Lucy Rodriguez on President Trump's decisions to rescind protections from the DACA Act of 2012. 

Lucy was not shy about addressing the very real and unfortunate double standard women still face in the music industry, more specifically in the tejano/norteño music world.  Ms. Rodriguez also points out the sad truth that as an artist in the entertainment world, she and other artists are expected to act a certain way and are normally not allowed to speak on controversial topics.

"I can't normally express my opinion because of my career." 

Well, I was so grateful to have a guest on the podcast who wasn't afraid to stand up for her opinion and speak from her heart. It allowed for some important dialogue to take place that hopefully sparks conversation with others who may want to get a more personal look at important matters going on around us. 

It's not all doom and gloom on this episode though as the listeners will be pleased to know that Lucy has a new album coming out soon after two years! She calls this her "comeback album" and was gracious enough to share a couple tracks for the world to hear.  We have provided links below where you can purchase her current music and follow her social media pages to stay current with the professional life of an amazingly talented and beautiful artist. Check out "Episode 10 | Lucy Rodriguez" on the K1 Experience Podcast now.

Go to for links to Lucy's social media and to purchase her music.