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The K1 Experience Podcast

Oct 1, 2017

I finally caught up with my former cast mate, Cassia Tavares to find out what's been going on with her life since the last time we all saw her on TV. In all actuality, there was no specific topic I wanted to talk about but rather just catch up like old friends. I think the audience will notice that connection when they listen to the podcast. 

I asked what life was like in Brazil, things she misses and what some major differences are between them and the U.S.  She now attends University and connects with other fellow Brazilians where they get to party and celebrate their culture. 

Since we both share the "reality tv" experience, we gave our inside perspective during that crazy time in our lives. We discussed the good, the bad and the obnoxious parts of being on reality tv including how some are willing to sell their soul for fame. 

From there we just go totally off the rails talking about self-driving cars, the need for more political parties (because this two-party system just ain't workin' y'all), my wife, Daya and my daughter's heart disease, the recent hurricanes that have pounded our country and so on.

This is a very rare appearance by Cassia that I am most appreciative of. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it. To hear other K1 Experience Podcast episodes you can subscribe to it on iTunes and follow on Facebook.