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The K1 Experience Podcast

Jun 18, 2017

On this episode of the podcast I tapped into the stereotypes of three different profiles of people who bring their fiancés over to American to get married using a K-1 visa. The first being women from Eastern Europe or Asia. Next, American males who marry those types of women and finally, a newer and perhaps less known stereotype- American women who travel to the Middle East looking for their Arabian prince. I address some of the misnomers pertaining to the term “mail order bride” as well as other misconceptions revolving around couples who fall in love while living in different countries and decide to be together in America. Is there any truth to the stereotypes? Is this what all couples who meet internationally are like? Tune in to the podcast and check it out. I want to know your take on this topic! Visit the K1 Experience Podcast Facebook page or hit me up on twitter.